Microsoft® Office 2003 is a software which is useful for desktop applications, servers and services for the Microsoft® Windows® and Mac OS® X operating systems. Microsoft Office 2003 is written by Microsoft®. It was launched on November 17, 2003, it is the successor to its previous version.

Desktop applications

Microsoft® Word 2003

Microsoft Word is a word processor developed by Microsoft®. It is a part of Microsoft Office 2003 and its version was released in 1983 under the name Multi-Tool Word which was developed for Xenix systems. You can use it to type letters, reports and other documents. You can use it for desktop publishing. The Help tutorial for Microsoft® Office 2003 teaches Microsoft Word 2003 basics. Although this tutorial is created for the computer beginner because Microsoft® Word 2003 is a little bit different from its predecessors.

Microsoft® Excel® 2003

Microsoft® Excel® 2003 is a part of Microsoft Office 2003. It is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft® for Windows® and other operating systems. It includes features such as calculation, graphing tools and pivot tables. It is the most popular application as it has been the most widely used since its version 5 which was launched in 1993.

The Microsoft® Excel® 2003 is superior to all its predecessors. It has All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies which brings together plain and simple information. If you are not familiar with this version of Microsoft® Excel® then you can use the ‘Help’ section inMicrosoft Office 2003. The new Microsoft® Excel® offers its users limitless features which were not included in any other version of this software. On top of that, many of the publications that intend to help you Microsoft Excel 2007 are quite clear on how to use the features of this software.

Microsoft® Outlook 2003

Microsoft® Outlook® 2003 is a personal information manager developed by Microsoft®. It is a part of Microsoft Office 2003 and is available both as a separate application as well as a part of the Microsoft Office 2003.

It is mainly used as an e-mail application for sending and receiving e-mails, it also consists of a Calendar, Task Manager, Contact Manager, note taking and many more. You can refer to the ‘Help’ section in Microsoft® Office 2003 as this section contains tips and tricks for using Microsoft Outlook effectively.