How to configure Microsoft® Office 2007 on a Windows® XP PC?

If you are reading some reviews on Microsoft® Office 2007, you might find it surprising that you will not see much positive opinions. Most of users remained faithful to Office 2003 package, as it easier to use. However, if you really want a document editor that can do anything with your files, Microsoft® Office 2007 is the right choice for you.

The following points will provide a better understanding of installing Microsoft® Office 2007 on a Windows® XP PC:

  • Pre installing issues
  • Installing the software
  • Configuring the software

Pre installing issues

Before purchasing Microsoft® Office 2007 , be sure your system can accommodate it. If your system worked fine with Office 2003, it does not necessarily means that it will work with the 2007 edition also. This is because Microsoft® Office 2007 is more demanding on the system’s resources. Also, be sure you have XP installed, as 2007 usually makes the Windows® 98 operating system unstable. Buy the Microsoft® Office 2007 software from a trusted site, as this software can be pirated easily. It is also recommended to have a genuine copy if you want to avoid driver conflicts and dangerous malware installed on your system. In addition, you will not benefit from the newest updates of the software, as the Microsoft® Update will spot an illegal copy of Microsoft® Office 2007 immediately.

Installing the software

The installing process should be very easy, as the installer is simple and precise. You will be asked to introduce the license key from the beginning of the installation, so be sure you have it handy. You can find it on the cover of the CD, or in a notepad named CD Key or Readme if you have a downloaded copy. You will have to choose the desired configuration afterwards. If you want the complete installation, be sure you have enough space on the hard drive and take some time for this. Installing Microsoft® Office 2007 with all the features might take a while, so you will also be sure that your computer won’t stop during the installation. A computer breakdown might compromise the software and you will have to begin the installation process again. Usually you will not need a complete install, especially if you are a beginner user. Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, and Access® should be enough for the start.

Configuring the software

Once you have finished with the installation, you will need some configurations. First, run Live Update, as the copy from the CD might be a little old. Once you have done this, go through all the programs from the package at least once. Configure menus, appearances, and viewings. Convert all the older documents to Microsoft® Office 2007 formats, as this software is friendlier with those kinds of files.