Microsoft® Office Home and Student 2007 is a software suite which consists of various components like Microsoft® Word 2007, Microsoft® Excel® 2007, Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2007 and others. These components allows the ease of creating and managing documents, presentations and spreadsheets. It will make your tasks more enjoyable. Various existing commands and improved functionalities like the enhanced formatting capabilities in this newer version Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 provide the users the more comfort along with the increased ease of working.

Microsoft® Office Home and Student 2007-Role and usage

It consists of various improved and advanced security feature which makes your document more secure and reliable. In case of a sudden and uneven system failure, while you were working on a document, the Document Recovery tool will help in the safe retrieval of your document. This tool will protect your document from loss. This version has something new to offer to its users. Some users are interested in sharing their documents with others, but they are very well aware about the types of malwares which can be personally identifiable information from their document. And if the personal information is available to the unauthorized user, there could be harmful aspect of this scenario. If you are one of such users and are in search of some tool, which can provide a better protection to your documents, you should go for Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007, the new Document inspector tool. Let us explain the role of this tool.

  • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 protects your personal information attached with the document with the introduction of the Document inspector tool.
  • This tool is capable of removing all the personally identifiable information from the document. Now you can experience enhanced security and reliability of your documents.
  • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 is packed with the new Fluent™ user interface
  • It also carries a much improved help system which includes an online tutorial that is capable of resolving most of the user’s queries.
  • Introducing another addition to this version, Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, which is basically a digital notebook which allows you to collect and organize a variety of information.