Microsoft Store in Bellevue is the company’s seventh, a miniscule number as compared to more than 300 stores operated by Apple Inc. which has prompted Microsoft’s entry into the retail business. Although the broad availability of its products in retail outlets, Microsoft has come up with the idea of opening stores in order to have more of direct contact with customers and to showcase it’s increasingly broad array of consumer technologies starting from Windows Phone to its Kinect camera for playing Xbox 360 games.

CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer talked about the special significance that the Bellevue store will have because of its proximity to Microsoft headquarters. He also mused over about visiting the mall about 30 years ago when there was no roof over it and the personal computer business barely existing. The one’s that are going to be opened as well as the one who are already existing are going to be very special to MR. Ballmer but this the one in Bellevue is going to be very close to him.

The most attractive segment of the Microsoft Store was what the company calls the “digital wall” a mosaic that is more than 120 high definition TVs. The screens which covers all the walls of the store can display a continuous series of images or portion of its can be harnessed for a demonstrations of a Microsoft product just similar to mobile phone.

All the new advents have been put into practise by the new inaugurated Microsoft Store to compete against the Apple stores which have grown matured as compared to the newly born Microsoft Store. It is one of the moves by Microsoft to expand its retail business and not to lag behind against any of his competitors in the race against time.