Microsoft has been implementing the strategy of continuous innovation and improvisation with the products that they are trying to bring to the focus of their customers. Most of the products, which Microsoft has launched recently, have been quite elegant in their own way and they have never failed to capture the hearts of the customers who are fond of the products released by this company.

Microsoft made an announcement on 14th Feb, 2011 about the latest updates to be made available for the Windows Phone 7 operating system. The Microsoft team has promised to add some new features, which have not been incorporated in any other phone. Windows Phone 7 enabled handsets have some of the exciting features which will enable fast browsing of the Internet over the phone by using IE Mobile 9. This feature will allow customers to get faster Internet connection speeds on the their smartphones.

Another great news that Microsoft has given is that the smartphones can be used to access the Microsoft Office documents. This new feature has proved to be quite a relief for most of the people who need to access Office documents on a frequent basis due to their connections with the corporate world. Now these people can very well access the documents by easily downloading the documents from the Internet to their cell phone and then can access the documents on their phone without facing any kind of problem or even any compatibility issues.