Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 is primarily used as an e-mail application with several roles. It can also be used for managing the calendar entries, organizing tasks and is furnished with the web browsing capability. Microsoft® used various mailing programs, which were all replaced by a compact Microsoft Outlook suite released by the software giant. It has released the latest version Microsoft Outlook 2007, with the much improved functionality and enhanced features.

Advantageous features of Microsoft® Outlook® 2007

Let us begin with its features. A to-do bar, which informs the users about their planned appointments, give them a reminder about the upcoming events and the to-do tasks. You can better organize your plans and schedules timely. It supports the calendar with multiple views. The tasks are planned and attached with the days of the week. You can view your planning on the calendar. The instant search feature allows for a quick search of the entries. Several new programming features are included.

Procedure for creating an e-mail in Microsoft Outlook 2007

  • Click on the new button
  • After clicking on the new button, a separate window will open, containing a large number of toolbar buttons, and options.
  • Fill in the e-mail address field, followed by the subject field, and then entering the text you want to send.
  • You can also send any kind of supportive content with the message. When you are done with compsing the message, you have to clcik on send button for sending the e-mail.

 Steps to read an e-mail in Microsoft Outlook 2007

  • You can check out your e-mails in the e-mail folder pane.
  • The newly arrived e-mails will be collected in the inbox and will reside in the inbox until you delete it or move it to any other folder.
  • You can read the e-mails by first selecting the message in the folder pane and it can be seen in the seperate window.

Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 can be used as an standalone applications and can also be availed as an integral part with Microsoft Office Suite.