Windows has always been a big name in the technological industry, run by the influential Microsoft. With the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft has showed that they are still the best. Latest surveys showed that Windows 7 has a fascinating touch technology. Today is the world of developing applications for gadgets such as iPods and smartphones, which are used mostly as communication device. Latest surveys also revealed the rise in the application development for Windows 7. More than 50% software developers are working on creating something new for Windows 7. This number is still likely to increase to 80% by next year. However, it is said that Windows 7 owes its popularity to Apple for developing applications for this operating system; otherwise, Windows would have lost the competition to the Mac OS.

Why Do People Turn to Windows 7?

Embarcadero Technologies said that more people are interested in developing application for Windows 7 for its touch and multi-touch technology. The public is widely attracted to Windows 7 due to this latest technology. The seller also added that the success of iPhone and iPad has also increased the hype for Windows 7 applications.

Software developers were asked which Windows 7 features were the most exciting for them and they responded with the following answers: touch and multi-touch technology, gestures input, enhanced graphics, Windows Imaging Component, animations, and ribbon controls. These features have made Windows come to life. Users are very much satisfied and overwhelmed by these features that Windows has become the most downloaded/purchased software at present.

Windows Vista’s Failure and the Future of Windows 7

The success of Windows 7 overcame the failure of Vista. Who could have expected that Vista could make Windows see an era of defeat after launching such a highly budgeted operating system? However, it looked as if Microsoft was ready with a backup plan. If the launch of Windows 7 had been delayed to a later time than Mac, then Mac would have made a greater impact. Luckily, Windows 7 came out at the right time and with some awesome and interesting features.

The Rivalry Continues

Microsoft is lucky that Apple has been developing applications for Windows 7, because if not, Microsoft would not be the leading company in town, and Apple might have taken over the company. Developers from Apple will soon share the same stage that Microsoft enjoys as they talk about their latest venture in Visual Studio 2010. We can expect some real new features in the VS 2010 as the developers have applied in the Windows 7. Nevertheless, a few questions remains: will still Apple share their projects like Dev tools and iPhone simulator with Microsoft? How much information about the future Mac projects will Microsoft have from Apple? These are just some of the things that we have to wait and watch.