Picture taking is always fun and the finest way for keeping the memories alive. Sometimes, you may want to edit a picture for some reason or the other, but insufficient knowledge and scarce how-to-edit-picture technique may bar you from doing so. This is when Microsoft® Picture Editor comes as a great tool to utilize. The Microsoft Picture Editor allows altering an image in desired way.


The Microsoft Picture Editor is an effective picture editing software, which comes with Microsoft office 97 – Microsoft® office XP. This editing software was substituted with the Microsoft Picture Editor and allows adjusting gamma, texture, background as well as create GIF transparency and much more.


Below are host of things, which you can perform while exercising Microsoft Picture Editor.

  • The Microsoft Picture Editor enables to compose novel images, modify details within the pictures as well as set varied backgrounds in the images.
  • Alter the vividness and contrast of images. After all, superior lighting is extra appealing.
  • In addition, this Microsoft® Picture Editor cut, paste and erase images. This further makes it possible to eliminate people or object(s) from the image, which you do not wish to include in a specific picture. Also, making collage is very much possible with various images.
  • It is noteworthy that Microsoft Picture Editor enables redoing the dimensions of the photo. You may want to scale back your pictures with the prime purpose of uploading them onto a site with limited size necessities.
  • Another worth considering aspect is that you can rotate the images to different degrees.
  • With the Microsoft Picture Editor, sharpen or distort, splotch or smudge picture’s various parts. This enables you to show your creative side, highlighting several specific areas of the picture and making other parts less attractive, noticing.

A significant observation in the Microsoft Picture Editor is that it comes equipped with flurry of features, which makes photo editing a simple affair instead of an irksome, complex task. The simple to use editor impressively removes red eye at once, improve the color effect of an image, insert astonishing light effects, crop, re-sample and straighten images. All of the features that come along Microsoft Picture Editor are appreciable enough to use the software.