Already the rumor on the net is that the first update firmware Windows 7 Phone should take place on Monday, February 7. However, this new wave of speculation hardly goes beyond what Microsoft has publicly announced regarding the revision of the current firmware, or what other sites have said – and tried to guess – since mid- December. In the end, someone has to guess exactly when the update of Windows Mobile 7 will be available! According to the American blogger Paul Thurrott, a RTM (Release to manufacturing) nicknamed “Nodo” made its appearance at this conference. One of the major anticipated improvements is copy/paste and a lot of patches for the operating system.
Users will have to wait until early February 2011 to perform this update. It would appear that the first “real update” of the mobile operating system will take place later, at a date still unknown. It would be the code name “Mango” should include the version 9 of internet explorer and will support the HTML 5.

Faster applications and games:

Nobody likes waiting, Microsoft plans at its next update, optimize the startup and recovery applications. This is one of the key concerns of Microsoft’s mobile operating system: the speed and ease of use.

– Better research on the Marketplace:

It will now be easier to find specific applications, games or music. It just press the search button in the current section of the Marketplace for the keywords that refine the results thereof. For example, just press “search” in the music category for music catalogs only for certain keywords and not all applications, games and music correlate with those keywords.

How to upgrade?

If you have not disabled the notification system, with the release of this update, your phone will automatically offer to perform it via a pop-up message (like a push notification). If you disabled it, go to “Settings> Update” and check “Notify me of the availability of new updates.” Depending on your connection method, the updating may be done via the USB cable (with Zune), using the Internet or your network 3G/3G + usual.

A first level of support multitasking?

The code changes, finalized in January by Microsoft, or should soon pass the testing stage in mobile operator, which will then allow them to offer the new version for download to mobile service. According to some sources, we can expect mostly copy-paste software patches and support for a new Qualcomm processor, plus, perhaps some improvements in memory management in order to load applications faster. Some sites also say that the code changes delivered in February will bring some level of support for multitasking and important changes in Windows phone browser, including adding the Trident rendering engine 5, HTML5, Silverlight support and sign the Internet Explorer.

But others, like Paul Thurrott, a blogger site, say, that these additions will be incorporated into a major update of Windows OS Phone, due out later in 2011.

Electronista rumors indicates that  February 7  is due for the possible update of Microsoft’s mobile OS is related to the fact that one week later, Steve Balmer, Microsoft CEO must take place on the Mobile World Congress (in which event Phone Windows 7 was unveiled a year ago).