Microsoft is actually planning the launc of the windows phone 7. This is one phone that will give you something more than the run of the mill experience that you have been having with other forms of technology in the same line with the window phone 7. Several features are very much on this window phone 7 and it is sure to take your taste beyond the ordinary. All you actually need is to lay your hands on one and you will be set for one more surprise the world can ever give in the world of technology.

But before all the lovers of the Microsoft windows phone 7 can have access to it after, Microsoft is actually planning to tweak the phone before launching. It is only after then will Microsoft make the move to launch the phone and then make it available for use.

What is this tweaking all about?

What is this tweaking all about? It is only aimed at putting in some kind of polish to the phone in such a way that the phone 7 will have itself rid of certain untoward features and applications that it may be having presently, this will all the more make the phone more functional and useful for all the purpose you may want to use the phone for.

The gray area

Certain things are actually keeping Microsoft from launching the phone 7 until after the tweaking. When you type in long words on the phone, you will discover that the long words will not all appear fully. This can be frustrating a times; especially when you desire to check your spelling or you actually want to be sure of what you are typing. Microsoft is fully interested in making your usage of this phone something you will live to remember and this can only be possible if all the grey areas are fully removed. This will also help Microsoft to avoid all forms of criticism that may want to arise from this kind of situation.

Adding new features?

Microsoft is actually not adding any new features to the old ones that are already available on the phone. The desire of Microsoft is to remove the bad and ugly area of the phone through the polishing exercises. By the time the polishing is over, Microsoft would have something rather beautiful to offer the milling populace that are eagerly awaiting the launching and availability of the windows phone 7.

Possible new look

There actually may be some kind of new designing added along with the polishing process. Whichever dimension things take, you can be sure that Microsoft does have your best interest in mind; since they are fully aware of the fact that your convenience and satisfaction is what keeps them in business.

Parting words

You can be very sure that all the former windows mobile launches will never be able to compare with this one by the time it is finally out. The world should earnestly await its arrival as it is sure to give them something to think about for a long time.