Microsoft PowerPoint 2003: How to Create and Format a Table on Windows Vista?

Many Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 users complain about the level of difficulty in adding and formatting tables in the Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 presentation. If you find the procedure of working with tables on Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 presentation daunting, then we will help you get rid of it.

Tables are a great way of presenting a specific group of data and categorizing under certain groups. There are many things you need to remember while adding and formatting tables on Microsoft PowerPoint 2003; make sure you do not crowd one slide with too many data or even leave other slides almost blank. That’s why you need to be creative and meticulous while working with tables in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003. Hence, we have come up with the following guide to help you add and format tables in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 like a professional.

  1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint 2003.
  2. Display the slide in which you’re going to create the table.
  3. Click the “Insert Table” button on the “Standard” toolbar.
  4. In the table grid that drops down from the “Insert Table” button, move the mouse pointer to select the number and arrangement of columns and rows that you need. When you click, the blank table will be inserted into the current slide.
  5. Add your data to the cells.


  1. To format a table, select the particular cells you want to modify,
  2. Click the “Table” button on the “Tables And Borders” toolbar,
  3. Choose “Borders And Fill” from the drop-down menu. The “Borders” tab of the “Format Table” dialog box will appear
  4. Use the appropriate tab to make changes:
  1. To modify the style, color and width of the border around the selected cell(s), use the “Border” tab.
  2. To apply a background color or fill effect to the selected cell(s), use the “Fill” tab.
  3. To adjust the text alignment, change the internal margins, or rotate the text within the selected cell(s), use the “Text Box” tab.
  4. Click “OK

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