Microsoft PowerPoint 2003: How to create a hyperlink slide on Windows Vista?

Are you using a Windows Vista PC and working on the Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 application? Well, you will surely find this article handy as we are mentioning here the steps using which you can create a hyperlink slide in your presentation. The primary benefit of this action is that using the hyperlink slide you will be able to access the particular slide which you want to view, in just one click and without having to scroll through the number of slides that may be present in between. So, to ease your work and to make the presentation flow on impeccably, this is how you can create a hyperlink slide.

If you are using a Windows Vista PC, this is what you can do:

1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
2. Select the text that you want to represent the hyperlink.
3. Click on the “Insert” tab and then click on “Hyperlink” from the drop down list.
4. Under Link to, select the “Place in This Document” tab on the left sidebar and select the slide where you want to link to and then click “OK”.
5. You can see the link in action when you press “F5” on your keyboard. This makes navigation much easier.


By following the simple five-step procedure you can take care of a lot of hassles that begin with having to manage a number of slides in a presentation. So, keep the steps handy while you are attempting to do the task.

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