Is your Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 presentation appearing dull? Well, now you can make your text or number-based slides all the more fun to look at by adding a background to it. Yes, it is a pretty simple task and by following the simple steps given below, you should be able to do it in a jiffy. In addition to making a background, we are also showing you the process in which you can add a pattern to the background of the slides and also add special effects to it. What background you will choose to apply is ultimately your choice…

Are you ready to begin?

1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint 2003.
2. Click on the “Format” menu, click “Background”.
3. Under “Background fill”, click the arrow below the image, and then you can either select a color from the color scheme:
a. By clicking on one of the eight colors displayed and then click on “Apply”.
a. Click “More Colors”.
b. Click the color you want on the Standard tab, or click the Custom tab to mix your own color, and then click “OK”
c. Click on “Apply”.

To select a fill effect or picture

4. Click Fill Effects and try out the various options available.
a. To use shading, click the Gradient tab, click a type under Colors, click a shading style, and then click OK
b. Click “Apply” to make the changes

c. To use a texture, click the Texture tab, click the texture that you want to insert it, then click OK
d. Click “Apply” to make the changes
e. To use a pattern, click the Pattern tab, select the pattern you want, select foreground and background colors, then click OK
f. Click “Apply” to make the changes

g. To use a picture, click the Picture tab, click Select Picture to find the picture file you want, click Insert, and then click OK.
h. Click “Apply” to make the changes


With so many options that we have shared with you, you can now be able to not only create an interesting background, but also add pictures to it and change the pattern of the background as and how you may want it to look.