Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2003 is a tool that is used for creating a visual impact. What makes Microsoft® PowerPoint® so special is that it enables individuals to create various kinds of presentations and is widely used to prepare presentations in organizations and colleges.

What’s new about Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2003?

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Viewer has been enhanced with high-fidelity output, including support of Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 graphics, animations, and media. The good news is that no installation is needed for the latest viewer to work on presentation files.

Apart from enhancements to the viewer, Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 also provides enhancements to media playback. User can view and play video clips as a full-screen presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint 2003.

Microsoft® has also added one more interesting option called research task pane, which provides various reference information and expanded resources as long as you are connected to Internet.

With Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 it’s easier to share information. “Package for CD” is a new way Microsoft® PowerPoint® enables you to distribute presentations. These CDs can be viewed on almost any machine running a Microsoft® Windows® operating system. In order to burn CDs directly from Microsoft® PowerPoint® you’ll require Windows XP or latest operating system.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 now offers enhanced multimedia support. You can save presentations to a CD-ROM for distribution and play streaming audio and video within a slide show. With enhancements to the GUI and support for Smart Tags, Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 enables users to watch and generate powerful presentations more easily than ever before.

Troubleshooting – Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2003

While working with Microsoft® PowerPoint® you may receive several unexpected errors or encounter various kinds of issues. If it happens, call Online PC technical Support . We have the best technicians who work round the clock and diagnose and troubleshoot issues with your Microsoft Office including Microsoft Word, Microsoft® PowerPoint®, and Microsoft® Access®.