Have you ever thought of adding links of live websites on your Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation and making it appear more interactive and fun? Well, if you haven’t yet tried it, here is your chance to do it! We have compiled for you the easy steps that you can follow to add the link of a website on a particular slide or use it as a hyperlink on a particular word. If you action the first option, the entire link will be visible to your audience and you (or they) can click on it easily. However, if you try out the second option, you will have to hover your mouse over the particular word to view the link; nonetheless, you can easily click on the word and let the website open up for you…

The easy step solution to the add hyperlinks to presentation on Windows issue is as:

1. Open the site whose link you wish to add.
2. Right click on the link and click on “Copy”, and then close the web browser.
3. Open Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.
4. Right click on the new slide and click on “Paste”.
5. Now hit “ENTER” and there you have your hyperlink on the slide.
6. To hyperlink a single word, make new slide and then type text in placeholder text box.
7. Select the text which you want to use as a hyperlink.
8. Right click on the word you wish to hyperlink and then click on “Hyperlink” from the drop down menu.
9. The Insert Hyperlink dialog box will appear. Right click in the given space, click on “Paste” and then click “OK”.
10. You can see the link in action when you press F5 on your keyboard. This makes navigation much easier.


By following both the sets of steps, you can separately add a website’s link on a slide or hyperlink a particular word in the slide content. Then you can compare the two and check which will be more applicable to your requirement and preference. Accordingly you can apply one or both the ways and complete add hyperlinks to presentation on Windows.