Are you using a Windows Vista PC and have the Microsoft Office applications installed in the same? Well, if you have prepared your Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation in a simple manner, you can now make it interesting and better appealing to your audience. Besides adding images and videos to enhance its visual appeal, you can also add soundtracks to the presentation and make it sound awesome too…

Here is the easy step solution to the issue:

1. Open the desired Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation
2. Navigate to the desired slide and select “Sound” under the “Insert” tab
3. Choose “Sound from File” for an MP3 file
4. Select the desired music file from the “Insert Sound” window and click the “OK” button
5. Click the “Automatically” button if you want the sound to play when the slide appears; otherwise click the “When Clicked” button to manually start playing the music during the presentation
6. Check that a speaker icon appears on the center of the slide
7. Click the icon to select it and hold the mouse button down so you can drag the speaker graphic to another location on the slide


Now that you have learnt the steps, you can make all your presentations interesting and almost like a movie, set with voice over and background music. Isn’t this fun? Keep the steps handy for future use too