You can display your creative instincts by adding a melodious soundtrack to your Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation! Yes it is not only possible; it is pretty easy to do it too. If you want to learn the quick steps to beautify your presentation, read on. By add soundtrack, you can better connect to your audience and even supplement it with a voice over, if you want. Add as many soundtracks as you like and impress your audience like never beforeā€¦

If you are using a Windows PC, this is what you can do:

1. Open the desired Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation
2. Navigate to the desired slide and select “Sound” under the “Insert” tab
3. Choose “Sound from File” for an MP3 file
4. Select the desired music file from the “Insert Sound” window and click the “OK” button.
5. Click the “Automatically” button if you want the sound to play when the slide appears; otherwise click the “When Clicked” button to manually start playing the music during the presentation.
6. Check that a speaker icon appears on the center of the slide.
7. Click the icon to select it and hold the mouse button down so you can drag the speaker graphic to another location on the slide.


Simple! By following the above mentioned steps, you can easily add soundtrack on your Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation that you are currently working on. As a quick recap of the above mentioned steps,