How about learning some tips to enhance the presentation that you have created for your college project? Have you thought about animating the text in presentation? Yes, Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 allows you to boost the entertainment quotient of your presentation by selecting just a few options from the menu that can completely change the very look of your presentation. Never mind if you haven’t ever done it; here are the easy steps that you can follow to animate text in presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

If you are working on a Windows XP-based PC, this is what you can do:

1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
2. On your slide, select the text box that you want to animate.
3. Click the “Animation” option from the menu.
4. Roll your mouse over the “Animate” option that you want to use. You should see a preview of the animation.
5. Click the animation that you want to use.
Any animation applied to the title box will impact all of the text in it but when applied to a text box offers animation to each line of text in the box separately.
6. Press the “F5” key to see a full screen preview. Press “Escape” to get out of the slide show. You can stop here or proceed for more animation options.
7. If you want the animation to start automatically, look in the “Advance Slide” section and deselect the “On Mouse Click” box and select the “Automatically After” box.
You can set the amount of time you want to pass before the animation starts.
8. If you want to add sound to your animation, click the “Transition Sound” option and roll over any of the sound options in the drop down menu to hear a preview.
9. Save the file.


Wasn’t that easy? Now you can make your presentations as interesting and engaging for your audience as you want. Also, these options will let you exhibit your creative side; do not miss to rejoice the compliments that you will receive from your audience…We provide round the clock Technical Support for Microsoft products.