Are you using a Windows 7 PC? Creating a slideshow using the Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 application will be a cakewalk for you then. Here is a simple trick following which you can make the presentation hassle-free for yourself and interesting and fun to watch for your audience. Well, the trick is that you can create a hyperlink slide with the major slides linked to this particular slide; whenever, during the presentation you need to visit any of these slides, all you need to do is just click on this hyperlink slide and easily transit from one slide to the other. This will eliminate the clumsiness that comes along with scanning and scrolling through the different slides to arrive at a particular one.

Here is what you can do:

1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
2. Select the text which you want to use as a hyperlink.
3. On the “Insert” tab, in the “Links” group, click “Hyperlink”.
4. Under “Link to”, click “Place in This Document”.
5. To link to a slide in the current presentation, under “Select a place in this document”, click the slide that you want to use as the hyperlink destination and then click “OK”.
6. You can see the link in action when you press “F5” on your keyboard. This makes navigation much easier.


Once you refresh the action, the changes will apply and you will be able to access the particular slide by clicking on the internal links you just created. This can surely help you to enjoy presenting your session as you will now be able to concentrate on presenting the message and leave everything else to the Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 application.