Did you know that by creating internal hyperlinks on a presentation, you can easily move around the different slides and jump from one slide to the other without having to access the many slides that may be present in between? Yes, this is a very user-friendly utility that is present in your Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 application and even you too can create a hyperlink slide without any hassles. In addition to the ease of navigation, this action also renders a very professional look to your presentation and lets you complete the session in a very relaxed manner.

If you are using a Windows based PC, this is what you need to do:

1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation.
2. Select the text which you want to use as a hyperlink.
3. On the “Insert” tab, in the “Links” group, click “Hyperlink”.
4. Under “Link to”, click “Place in This Document”.
5. To link to a slide in the current presentation, under “Select a place in this document”, click the slide that you want to use as the hyperlink destination and then click “OK”.
6. You can see the link in action when you press “F5” on your keyboard. This makes navigation much easier.


Wasn’t that simple? By following just the easy six-step solution, you can very well create the hyperlink slide in your presentation and navigate through the different slides in an effortless manner.