Many users complain that creating and formatting tables on Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 is difficult. That’s why we have brought this small tutorial to help you work with tables in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 easily.

By creating tables, you can present data more efficiently than paragraphs and easy to comprehend for your target audience. You can plan different field as headings and insert data under those headings. Thus, you can group and break information under separate columns and rows to distinguish the data effectively. However, make sure you do not cram a slide with too many data or long tables and leave other slides almost blank. Here, you need to manage and format tables carefully. in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

Here you will find how to create and format tables in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 like a pro

  1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
  2. To create a table click the “Insert” Tab of the Ribbon
  3. Click the “Tables” Button on the “Tables” Group.
  4. Click “Insert Table” and enter the number of rows and columns
  5. Click “OK
  6. To modify the Table Structure and Format a Table
  7. Click the table and notice that you have two new tabs on the Ribbon: “Design and Layout”.These pertain to the table design and layout.
  8. On the Design Tab, you can choose:
  1. Table Style Options
  2. Table Styles
  3. Draw Borders
  4. Click the Layout Tab on the Ribbon.  This Layout tab allows you to:
    1. View Gridlines and Properties from the Table Group
    2. Insert Rows and Columns from the Rows & Columns Group
    3. Delete the Table, Rows and/or Columns from the Rows & Columns Group
    4. Merge or Split Cells from the Merge Group
    5. Increase and decrease cell size from the Cell Size Group
    6. Change the height and width of the table from the “Table Size” group