Are you looking for an easy tutorial to get tips and DYI guidelines on how to embed YouTube videos to your Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation? Here we will make adding these video elements to presentation easy.

By adding YouTube videos to Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation, you can significantly enhance look and add value to your presentation files. Though you can simply include the link of the YouTube videos to the presentation, but embedding YouTube videos to presentation files is a better alternative. You are not going to lose any file when you embed YouTube videos to a presentation because all files associated to videos will be added to the presentation. So, if you plan to embed YouTube videos, then follow these simple steps stated below.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to “
  2. Move to the video you want to embed to the PowerPoint 2007 slide.
  3. Below the YouTube video, Click on “Share” and then select the “Embed” button
  4. Click “Use old embed code” check box. From within the embed code copy just the value information from inside the quotation marks.
  5. Open Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
  6. In the “Design” tab, choose the design and theme
  7. To display the “Developer” tab on the PowerPoint ribbon, go to the  “Office Button” and click on the “PowerPoint Options” button.
  8. In the “Popular” section, check the “Show Developer” Tab in the “Ribbon” box and click “OK”.
  9. Go to the “Developer” tab and then in the “Controls” section click on “More Controls”.
  10. In the “More Controls” window select “Shock wave Flash Object” and then Click on “OK”.
  11. Draw video box to the size you would like your video to be displayed.
  12. In the “Controls” section of the “Developer” tab on the ribbon, click on “Properties”.
  13. Paste the “value information” in the box next to Movie.
  14. Close “Properties” window
  15. Press “F5” on your keyboard to preview in Slide Show view
  16. You will see the video with playback options and a controller bar, the same as it is shown in the YouTube.
  17. Click the “Play” button to start the video as you do in YouTube.