Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 has different types of charts and graphs to allow users to document the audience about inventory, sales figure, organizational data, sales figures, and much more. If you are adding an Excel chart in PowerPoint, you can edit that data in Office Excel and you can save the data right from the PowerPoint file. There is a wide range of chart and graphs you can insert to Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation such as bar charts, stock surface charts, charts, column charts, doughnut charts, pie charts, area graphs, line graphs, bubble graphs, scatter graphs, and radar graphs.

So are you wondering how you can insert one of such chart or graph figures to your Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 presentation? Here we will show you how to insert chart to Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 presentation in simple steps. Are you ready you to begin?

  1. Open PowerPoint 2007 presentation.
  2. Select the slide in the left pane where you want to insert the chart
  3. On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click Chart.
  4. In the Insert Chart dialog box, click a chart, and then click OK.
  5. Office Excel 2007 opens in a split window and displays sample data on a worksheet.
  6. In Excel, to replace the sample data, click a cell on the worksheet, and then type the data that you want.
  7. When you are finished inputting the data in Excel, Click on “Office” button and then click Close.
  8. Use the Edit Data command to change the data in the chart you’ve inserted.

And you are done. If you have followed these steps, you can add and present data in your preferred types of chart to Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 presentation.