Having problems using PowerPoint® 2007? Find out how to solve them

Presentation is an important part of any office work. Earlier, presenting any information neatly and efficiently was a real challenge. However, with the introduction of Microsoft® PowerPoint®, the task of presenting has become simple and easy. With time, PowerPoint® has also evolved and added many more user-friendly features. PowerPoint® 2007 is a classical example of how a program gets better with inputs from users and developers making the software efficient and more user-friendly. Although Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2007 is easy-to-use, there are a number of issues or difficulties users could face while using this application. These include problems with font display, problems with adding effects, program execution problems, issues importing data into the presentation, etc.

Details mentioned below give users more information regarding tips to prevent and fix issues while using Microsoft® PowerPoint 2007:

  • Use the original program
  • Updating the program
  • Antivirus
  • Help and support
  • Online assistance

Use the original program

A large number of issues are known to occur while using Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2007, if the user is using pirated or cracked version of the software. Users are advised to ensure that the product they are using is genuine. Pirated or cracked versions might have malwares that are capable of making the program corrupt or stealing valuable data.

Updating the program

Some of the issues in Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2007 can be prevented by updating the program. Microsoft® constantly comes up with updates so that their products are free from bugs or security glitches. This is applicable for PowerPoint® 2007, too. Updating ensures that the product is up-to-date when it comes to features as well as help and support index.


If Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2007 was installed on an infected system, there could be many issues. It is recommended that users install antivirus program and thoroughly scan for viruses before and after installation of the program.

Help and support

If the user is having difficulties using Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2007, help and support feature should be used instead of trial and error method. The help and support built into the program is vast enough to clarify and fix most of the user’s queries.

Online assistance

Microsoft® has dedicated online support for PowerPoint® 2007. Any problem which the user is experiencing and which could not be solved with the help and support, or any other methods can be looked up in the online assistance pages. There are thousands of pages which are dedicated specifically for solving issues of the user.