The Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 application is a wonderful program which you can use to create fascinating presentations for your office, college or even your community meetings. Not necessarily presentations have to just state the facts and the figures, you can beautify your presentation and add to it different shades of gradient fills, textured or patterned backgrounds, and so on…

If you have applied these special features earlier, you can treat this article as a recap. If you have not yet applied them, you can learn the simple steps here.

If you are using a Windows XP-based PC, this is what you can do…

1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.
2. Insert one of the stock backgrounds included in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 by clicking the “Design” tab, then clicking the “Background Styles” button.
3. Choose one of the pre-loaded backgrounds for a quick, professional-looking solution.
4. Fill the slide with a solid color or custom gradient by clicking the arrow next to “Background Styles” and selecting the “Format Background” option.
5. Choose a “Solid Fill” or “Gradient Fill” and select the colors you want and then click “Close” to set the background.
6. You can customize your background either:
a. With a texture. From the “Fill” menu, click “Picture or Texture Fill,” then choose one of the pre-loaded textures and then click “Close”
b. With a picture. Click “File” to use a stock photo that you downloaded to your computer and then click “Close”
c. With a Clip Art. Click “Clip Art” to use images included with Microsoft Office 2007 and then click “Close”.


Just like you can add the pre-loaded and available background images and styles, you can add your own creations too by separately designing them and saving them in the relevant folders to be picked later. Isn’t this handy and creative?