Microsoft PowerPoint 2007: How to protect presentation file from being modified on Windows 7?

By default, Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation can be accessible by anyone if the users have Microsoft Office suite installed on their computer. That’s why you need to protect your Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation from unauthorized access and make potential changes to your document. After all, would you want to get your beautifully created, engaging Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 accessible to some wrong hands who could simply jeopardize your content and the overall presentation?

There are many situations when you may need to protect your Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation from having any changes made to those. Most common scenarios when your presentation could be changed such as when you send your presentations for review only, when you want maintain the ownership of the content exclusively to you, and when the presentation has been already changed and approved by legal, financial or respective departments or personnel and no more changes required.

So, if you want to protect your Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentations from being modified, then follow these steps stated below.

  1. Click the “Microsoft Office Button” and locate the “Save As” option.
  2. Click on the “Tools” menu at the bottom on the “Save As” box.
  3. Click on “General Options” to open the file sharing settings for your presentation.
  4. Decide on a password and enter it in the “Password to modify” box and then click “OK”.
  5. Confirm your password when you see the “Confirm Password” box and click “OK.”
  6. Type the file name if you want to change it.
  7. Save your presentation.

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