Microsoft® PowerPoint® Viewer is an application for Microsoft® operating system that allows users to view and print PowerPoint® presentations created in Office program.

What does Microsoft® PowerPoint® do?

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the best tools for creating presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint presentations are normally used to organizations or schools. They are more common on the Internet. For instance, professor may use them to organize lesson or it can be used for induction in a company.

Role of Microsoft® PowerPoint® Viewer

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer is a tool, which is used to view or run presentations on machines that don’t have Microsoft office installed. It is added by default to the same disk or network location that contains one or more presentations.

Further, it comes by default with Microsoft® Office 2003 installation for use with the Package for CD feature and can also be downloaded from the Microsoft® Office official Web site.

It is also possible to open and read password protected presentations with the help of Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer. The Package for CD feature enables users to package any password-protected file or give a new password for all packaged presentations. TheMicrosoft PowerPoint Viewer asks you for a password if the file is open password-protected.

Microsoft® PowerPoint® Viewer 2007

Microsoft® PowerPoint® Viewer 2007 is latest edition beneficial for organizations and professionals whose role is to deal with Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations without installing Microsoft® PowerPoint®.

Well it’s quite obvious that you receive emails that contain Microsoft® PowerPoint® messages, photos, Jokes and so on. If you do not have the Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your machine you cannot see the email, so this program has been developed for you to visualize these messages. The best thing in this program is that you do not need to have the complete program installed.

Note: As mentioned above, this application can be downloaded from the Internet and easier to install. However, if you face any problem while installing or operating this program,Call Online PC Support for Assistance.