Microsoft is about to bring its Software Assurance volume licensing customers a more compact package with a locked down version of Windows 7 to function as Microsoft calls it a “Thin Client”. Microsoft has announced an upcoming product named Windows Thin PC SKU. This according to the company will give its users dual use advantage with the facility to double up their existing PCs as thin clients. Windows Commercial General Manager Gavriella Schuster explained that PCs equipped with WinTPC wouldn’t need the Virtual Desktop Access license which is a must for users of regular thin clients. This release coincided with the release of the much awaited Service Pack 1 of Windows 7 and windows Server 2008 R2.

The new service pack contains software for Microsoft Dynamic Memory which will allow Windows Server Hyper-V to dynamically allocate more or less memory as required to each virtual device. Also remote FX graphics are expected to be delivered which will bring a boost to 3D applications and also helps deployment of Windows 7 through virtual machines using this technology. RemoteFX was acquired after the acquisition of Calista Technologies by Microsoft. According to Microsoft executives, Windows 7 SP1 client PCs can utilize RemoteFX and turn into hosted thin clients which have the ability to link back to a centralized smart platform like a computer.

Microsoft had earlier offered along with the Windows Vista platform to its users a thin client feature. Microsoft had featured a licensing option with its previous operating system Windows Vista called as Windows Vista Enterprise Centralised Desktop at a competitive price of $23  for each desktop for its clients under the software assurance scheme.

According to executives at Microsoft, WinTPC is a new revised and worked on version of WinFLP. WinFLP was based on the Windows XP SP3 version while the new WinTPC is based on the Windows 7 OS. However, Microsoft has made it clear that WinTPC has no relation to VECD, Windows Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktop (VECD) is quite different from WinTPC as VECD was a license program that allows its users access to Windows VDI platform. Microsoft reiterated that WinTPC is a Software Assurance benefit and a locked down, smaller footprint version of the Windows 7 OS that is designed to help use PCs as thin clients.

This is another tool from Microsoft to revolutionize the way you use computers in your work environment. Microsoft is continuously innovating and coming up with new and low cost ways to influence the way you work and interact in the professional environment. It will be available for download from the Microsoft Connect site in the first half of 2011. This will be a public beta version of the platform not a release client or a finished product which will be available to select users to test and find out bugs if any in this platform.