Microsoft has released a new update, which  must be installed as an addition to the Operating System Windows 7 and Server Windows Server 2008 R2, in order to get new functionality and performance improvement.  The install of this update is only recommended if the system has Windows Internet 9 Tech preview 3 build installed and have been experiencing crashes and hangs while running the Windows live applications. Being the leading operating system provider, Microsoft has launched a series of Operating system under Microsoft Windows. Windows is the series that comprise of Software Operating System and Graphic User Interface. In the development process, Microsoft has taken the two routes side by side. Among them the first has been for the domestic user using system at home and the other has been for the professional IT user. In this process of development, the home routed system is developed with advanced multimedia support and less security, networking and on while the professional series is more focused on the technology, security and networking.

After successful launch of Windows 7 Operating System, the gateway to modern computing operation, Microsoft launched its brand new update KB 245 4826. Released on July 22, 2009 for use on personal Computer to manufacturing, the general retail availability of Windows 7 was made on October 22, 2009. This was in less than three years of time from the launch of its predecessor Windows Vista. Both the Operating system Windows 7 and its server counterpart Windows Server 2008 R2 was released at the same time. Seeking the complaints of the user on the graphics platform and media foundation, the release of new update KB 245 4826 is made available with the new functionalities.  The install of this update helps in performance improvement for the graphics platform, improvements when print from XPS-based applications to GDI-based print drivers is done and resolves the most variant streaming issues that are related to Media Foundation. This release can also be taken as an improved version of the earlier releases KB 2028560, KB 2028551 and KB 2120976. Professionally, this released update can also be called as the complete package of graphic multimedia application introduced for the better experience of high graphic showcase, improved print quality and enriched media output. This release is applicable to the Windows 7 Operating system and replaces the earlier updates that are reamed here in this issue.

Even being the solution to most of the drawbacks of Windows 7, the new release KB 245 4826 has not been able to win the users performance rating. The main cause of this is the lack of ease in installing this manually. Besides that, when automatically updated, the update results to the damage in prevailing HDMI. This can be anonymous for a simple user lacking the technical knowledge. Only the technical user can get it sorted out by restoring the system time point before that update. Though, after all confliction and contradiction, the new release KB 245 4826 is a best solution to the computing era used up of Windows 7 operating System for daily use. Its advanced quality of graphic output, media foundation and the print based operation from XPS to device is appreciable.