Silverlight is a technology that provides access to wonderful technologies which was always a dream for Symbian users all over the world as this will break boundaries of their imaginations and optimization of Symbian phones, but today, that dream comes true as Microsoft releases a complete Silverlight Technology for Symbian after a year of running beta.

Microsoft, Nokia, and Silverlight

The claimed 20 million users of Nokia were able to access the completed version of Silverlight technology for Nokia’s Symbian phones last July 5, 2010. The Silverlight technology for Nokia was made available to the public through Nokia’s advanced technology, the Ovi store.

Both world-known companies, Microsoft and Nokia announced their plan of a Symbian version of Silverlight last 2008 but was not able to deliver and finalize the code within the year. After a year, a beta of the Silverlight technology for Symbian was released by Microsoft, Nokia users with S60 5th edition was able to enjoy this technology.

Nokia Units Compatible with Silverlight Technology

Silverlight technology is not fully accessible for all Nokia users. Nokia users with units that carry the S60 5th edition are able to enjoy Silverlight. The following units of Nokia come with S60 5th edition and are the ones compatible for Silverlight Technology:

  • Nokia N97 – it is a Smartphone from Nokia that comes with a 3.5” Touch Display, 32GB internal memory plus an optional 16 GB external memory, a 5 MP Carl Zeiss Lens, GPS, WiFi, 3.5G, and an FM radio.
  • Nokia N97 Mini – it is a mini version of n97 that is compact with a QWERTY keyboard, that comes with a smaller 3.2” Touch Display, 8GB internal Memory, WiFi, and a 5MP Carl Zeiss Lens.
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic – It is an express music phone of Nokia that has a full touch screen user interface with a 3.2” display screen, 3GS, WiFi, GPS, QWERTY keyboard, and  3.2 MP Carl Zeiss camera with a dual-Led flash.

The Goodies of Silverlight Technology

Silverlight technology offers many advantages on Symbian users, such as;

  • Viewing of Silverlight applications through the mobile browser.
  • Creating applications that are based on Silverlight.
  • These are only the general advantages, the applications offered by Silverlight is countless and is very useful not only in sharing your creativity but also in suiting your lifestyle.

Other smart phone users beyond Nokia drools to have this kind of technology but Microsoft shares no information of the Silverlight’s availability to other smart phones that does not run through Symbian such as the Android Phones and iPhones. The only information known is that the coming Windows Phone 7 of Microsoft that will be released this fall does not come with Silverlight technology.

Silverlight technology is one of the most advancement in Symbian technology; their combination gives the users much option and control, unleashing further boundaries to the creativity and utilization of a Symbian user. Today Symbian users enjoy a Silverlight technology beyond the beta; a full Silverlight technology is exactly what this generation needs at this time.