Microsoft is growing bigger and they are developing tools that can be used widely by developers. They recently announced a free web development tool called WebMatrix; it will help website developers of all skill level easily create, customize and publish websites on the Internet. Microsoft also launched a set of video tutorials; it will help new web developers to learn using how-to tips and other resources.

The web platform offers a complete range of products, partners and technologies, all aimed at helping developers succeed on the web. Every day, more people are looking to build, publish and manage a website, and now, with WebMatrix, Microsoft provides developers of all skill levels with a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use solution to get their sites online.

This tool is available in nine languages and includes a set of tools to create new websites. It has code provided through a variety of available templates or using existing free open source web applications, such as WordPress, DotNetNuke and Umbraco.

WebMatrix is designed by Microsoft for anyone wanting to create a website. It is very helpful for students and new developers. It provides a quick way to learn how to build websites. It can be used effectively by web agencies. WebMatrix also provides an efficient way to build websites using open source applications. Professional developers can use this tool for quick and easy data-driven website development. It also provides Nuget, a free open source package management system; here developers can submit published code, so others can benefit from their expertise.

WebMatrix also provides various tools needed to run a website; it also include a web server, database and web frameworks. Using WebMatrix will increase productivity with support for multiple programming syntaxes, such as ASP.NET or PHP. It also includes a web helper, which help you with a single line-of-code solution for complex coding tasks. These tasks may include interesting Twitter feed or video. To make the website search friendly, it contains a search engine optimization reporting tool to build search-friendly websites. Search-friendly websites will be more discoverable for web users.