Recently Microsoft released Windows 7 service Pack 1 to release candidate(RC) status, before the code got finalised. Microsoft in its site even posted Windows 7 SP1 RC in a combined way to download operating system and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 just to make it much easier for its clients. Windows 7 SP1 will start shipping from next year.

This launch made by Microsoft is aimed at the general public the RC or ‘the release candidate’. It is the last move made by the company as of now it will directly move from SP1 RC to RTM that is “release to manufacturing, a code that has been given a green signal for duplication and distribution to computer makers.”

As Microsoft has claimed that it does not include any new additional features that is specific to Windows 7 but it is just a collection of all the security updates and non security hot fixes that have already been issued through Windows Update. The eye catching feature in Windows 7 SP1 has an updated Remote Desktop client designed to work with Remote FX, a new remote-access platform which includes Windows Server 2008R2 SP1. This Windows Server 2008R2 SP1 is embedded with a feature known as “Dynamic Memory” helping the IT staff to adjust guest virtual machines’ memory on the fly. This special feature has been proving d the first of its kind and also a special attraction among the Microsoft users.

Microsoft users will be given a wide range of options. Few of them include options to download 32-bit or 64-bit installers, and then run a tool to upgrade a stock Windows 7 machine through Windows Update, or for installing over a network or burn a DVD o r they can even  grab a 1.9GB disk image in .iso format. The executable installers weigh about 515MB for the 32-bit and 865MB 64-bit editions.

Microsoft has also made an important note attached to the download; it says that anyone who had installed Windows 7 SP1 beta had to uninstall that preview before moving to the RC. The same works when SP1 RC will have to be uninstalled before a PC is upgraded to the RTM build.  Apart from this there are numerous liabilities and launches that Microsoft is planning to come up with not only to help their clients with new addictive technologies but also making their life easier for them to handle with the help of new softwares.