Microsoft has now released a compulsory fix for vulnerabilities in Windows Live Essentials running on Windows XP. This Windows Live Messenger security update will help out to make windows XP more secure.

The website has informed beforehand that earlier to the launch of Windows Live Essentials 2011 (Wave 4), Microsoft is planning to release a small QFE update for Windows Live Essentials Wave 3 which displayed the version number to 14.0.8117.416.

Microsoft clarifies that this update will help you to fix small bugs. The new features include the penultimate version, the 2009, perhaps one of the most downloaded ever. Now it is a must for users of Windows XP, since 2011 to download the security update otherwise Windows Live Messenger will not be compatible with this operating system.

Many people decided to return to the 2009 version, however, even for a small technical detail (despite the significant improvements and new features) with this build of Messenger  it is also possible to  lose the  ability to observe a contact via webcam without having to make available ours. A unidirectional communication. Messenger 2011, things have changed, it is vital to have a chat to access the webcam of the interlocutor, and therefore a person must grant access to the webcam. That protocol chat will, however, extended now to 2009 . Microsoft, for security reasons, is releasing an update patch (ver 14.0.8117.416 ) that will be installed on 2009 and forcibly remove the webcam one-way communication.

One last detail about another update, not yet confirmed. This would be the possibility that Microsoft makes it mandatory to upgrade from 2009 to Messenger Messenger 2011 for users of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Hypothesis by no means rare, but for now no one knows when this will happen. The director of Windows Live test has informed tentatively in May month the changes will be help to clear the path of 2 way calling which ensure high quality audio with high definition video.

Hopefully the above mentioned update will roll on this week. Microsoft clearly mentions that with this upgrade the company is going to retire their one way web cam functionality.

Microsoft is trying hard to give out the best .Now it’s time to wait and watch what the future holds for the Microsoft windows live messenger users?