The timeframe for the series of updates regarding Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is revealed in an official talk with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. This information was given by Ballmer during his keynote address in CES 2011. Windows Phone 7 is the latest mobile Windows Operating System for Smartphone. The exact dates for the release of updates for Windows Phone 7 is still unknown but it is revealed during CES 2011 that the updates regarding Operating System will begin in next few months. Further, tech blogger Paul Thurrott elaborate many details regarding the updates of WP7 Operating System. It is revealed in his blog Windows Phone Secrets. A set of details about the coming updates and launch date is provided in the blog.

In an official talk, Ballmer told the descriptions regarding their next update of Windows Phone 7. He said that this update will bring copy and paste functionality, improvement to the performance of the phone will be considered as a major factor and switching and loading of different application will become considerably faster.

Further Ballmer said that WP7 devices will work with Sprint and Verizon till the mid of 2011 and some more language packs will be available in the update. This information is officially provided by the Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. However, more information regarding the updates is provided in an unofficial blog by Thurott. According to the blog information provided by Thurott, Microsoft will release these updates with codenames. A specific set of functionality of the updates is represented by a codename. Right now there are three set of updates for WP7 Operating System. These are ‘No Donut’, ‘Mango’ and the intermediate updates. The first set of WP7 update is known with a codename ‘No Donut’. The second update includes intermediate updates and the major update will be released with codename ‘Mango’. Following are the details regarding the updates for Windows Phone 7 Operating System.

The first update of WP7 with codename ‘No Donut’ will bring updates in functionality of Copy and paste. It will also improve the performance of the WP7 device by making the switching and loading of applications faster. It includes an improved marketplace search. Further this update will bring support for Qualicomm 7×30 chipset and the network of CDMA Smartphone.

A series of updates is likely to be announces in the intermediatary updates of WP7. The intermediate update will include new API along with multi-tasking support. Along with these updates it includes In-app downloads and better end-user customization.

Finally the major update for WP7 will be released with the codename ‘Mango’. This update will include the latest Internet Explorer 9 version for Windows Mobile along with the Trident 5 rendering engine. This update will bring support for HTML 5 and Silverlight browser. Gesture support is another enhancement in this update. These set of updates for Windows Phone 7 will act as a service pack for the Windows Phone 7 Operating System.