On the occasion of the Dynamics AX Technical Conference 2011, Microsoft has introduced for the first time the next version of Dynamics AX. Hitherto it was known as Dynamics AX 6(code name) “, this new version will be called in fine Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and will be available during the third quarter of 2011. We already know however that a CTP (Community Technical Preview) is scheduled for February 2011.Microsoft has in Serbian launching a new version of Dynamics AX ERP completely rewritten  with the purpose  to meet the needs of third party developers.

Incidentally, Microsoft claims to date no fewer than 100 software companies among the 1000 AX certified partners worldwide who have already begun to develop and test their products on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. And the editor in detail mentions its main advantages: a new architecture designed to facilitate the development of vertical software, maintenance and scalability, seamless interoperability with the Microsoft application platform based on SQL Server 2008 R2, Visual Studio 2010, Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010. And yet the fact that it is an ERP solution integrates unified standard business functionality to the markets of Industry, Services, Distribution, Retail Trade and Public Sector). Its availability will be provided in 38 countries.

According to leaked information, the new business management solution, which should be called Dynamics AX 6 , should reduce the need to write custom code and become much more integrated with other Microsoft products like SQL Server and Office. This (and more), according to the Redmond software house, should enable partners and independent software developers to speed up the process of writing the various vertical solutions and the consequent realization of end-to-end platform to offer its customers.

Already more than 100 partners are testing the new version, Microsoft has confirmed.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 6 should be released as a ‘technical preview’ during the month of February, while the final version should make its appearance on the market between July and September.

The new Dynamics has been rewritten on the basis of a new layered architecture which, according to Microsoft should be easier to understand and use by partners, even those less versed supply management in Redmond. As mentioned, Dynamics AX 6 will be even more integrated with other Microsoft solutions, including SQL Server 2008 R2, Visual Studio 2010, Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010. Finally it will be ‘localized’ for different countries in which will be distributed as pre-built functionality for five industries and 38 countries.  In order to grasp more details on the subject you can check the blog posted on the website Washington technology.com.