Finally Microsoft has confirmed the launch of its project ‘Mouse 2.0’ and announced a new Touch Mouse at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) of this year. The top of this Touch mouse is made up of the variety of capacitive touch sensing electrodes which track the location of the fingertips of the user along surface.

This Microsoft Touch Mouse is almost similar to the touch-sensitive Magic Mouse of Apple. It combines an optical mouse with a multi-touch surface. According to the Microsoft, it offers the best of the world to the users. This is especially designed for the Windows 7 that brings the improved support to platform for the multi-touch devices. The touch mouse reacts in a different way according to how many fingers are touching its surface.

This Microsoft Touch Mouse costs only $79 and it will be available in this year May 2011. It features capacitive touch technology which allows the users to browse and scroll all the web pages by just sliding the fingers up and down the mouse. It also allows the users to do some things such as scroll, pinch-to zoom and pan around all the utilizing touch technology. Microsoft adds that this 2.4GHz mouse features a Blue Track technology that means it could be able to track on very much any of the services you add to it.

The evolution of this touch mouse is from Mouse 2.0 project. Microsoft Corp studied and has combined all the standard capabilities of an optical mouse with the multi-touch sensing and also created five prototypes. Though all the five prototypes of Mouse 2.0 explored different form factors and strategies for touch-sensing, finally the “Cap Mouse” is selected for becoming the Touch Mouse.

The Microsoft Touch Mouse is featuring overall 9 natural gestures. This Touch Mouse provides the finest fluid way for navigating Windows 7; this is since it supports Windows 7. This mouse also features 9 fingers gestures including the very common tasks that generally people do with Windows 7 such as opening the windows as well as moving or switching between the task and windows.

In addition, this touch mouse utilizes gestures which engage the fingers and thumb and also exclusively works with the OS Windows 7. Windows 7 lets the users scroll, click, flick and swipe this is why the Touch Mouse is easy to interact with the PC. The Microsoft Touch Mouse Enhances the Windows operation as well as it allows easy switching between the tasks. It is fun to use and very easy to learn. It also helps users to get done more in very less time.

Its Snap-in Nano transceiver provides the users an option for leaving the transceiver that is plugged into computer or to store conveniently it in at the bottom surface of the mouse. Its 2.4 GHz technology offers a secure wireless connection. Its ambidextrous design allows you to use it with the either hand.

The Touch Mouse is also backed with 3 years limited worldwide hardware warranty.