In an announcement Tuesday, software giant Microsoft Corporation said about 100 million users of Windows Live e-mails services had received their update of Hotmail, the “wave 4.” In the same breath, the company said that it expects all its customers will have gotten their Hotmail wave 4 update in one week’s time at the latest. In an announcement in his blog, the company’s Mike Schackwitz said the company was hopeful of targeting all its users by the end of one week and hopes they will be able to enjoy the new update as fast as possible.

New Features

I went through the blog post and loved some of the espoused features of the new hotmail update the company had launched. Microsoft reiterated that it had been lately trying to avail the update to as many of its users as it can, saying that it had been upgrading server clusters, building new indexes for conversation threading and creating tweaks for its site metrics and deployment software, said Schackwitz in the blog. Even so, Schackwitz noted that getting the software up and running in the system upgrades was a bit complex but the result is an amazing product that according to him is the “smoothest in Hotmail history.”  I am one of those Hotmail users that have been yearning for the day the new release would finally reach me and I must admit when it did finally, the features are nothing but amazing.

How Soon is Soon

Ever since Microsoft announced the upgrade to Hotmail some time back, all eyes have been keen to see what the hype is all about and there is no lying, it meets the hype. I know the only thing you want to here right from Microsoft is how soon is soon but do not fret, Schackwitz says the company has expedited the release of the update and if figures anything to go by, it may just reach you sooner than you think. Already as it is, more than 100 million people are using the updated, new Hotmail and the number is expected to rise as the company upgrades all of its users in the one week it has promised.

Microsoft Says Upgrade To be done soon

What is even better, according to what Schackwitz had to say in the blog is that after the company has completed the new Hotmail upgrade, it will begin readying itself for the launch of Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail, a feature that will basically let you sync your email, calendar and contacts with your mobile phone. Plus you will not be waiting for long, the release is expected to take place in the summer and all there is to do is adopt a wait and see attitude like I have.

I know most of you are over zealous for the new Hotmail update but like Schackwitz says, you do not need to worry about it, Microsoft is keen on ensuring you have it by latest end of this week, it could even be tomorrow. Keep your eyes open!