Now you will be able to manage and share content over platform for streamlined enterprise business networking. Few days back, the premier people systems provider has announced the Saba Live Connector for Microsoft SharePoint which is designed to give a seamless integration that will enable you to manage and share content over platforms and break down information silos and drive association over the organization.

The Saba Live Connector for Microsoft SharePoint will allow you to realize all benefits of it with a configurable connection to the SharePoint document management system. The Saba Live has content sharing capabilities with which you will be able to manage content over systems and sharing a document in Saba Live and seamlessly saving to SharePoint. Moreover, content management capabilities will allow you to update a document in Saba Live Connector and that document will be automatically updated in the SharePoint and including rendering or deleting as appropriate.

Saba Live Connector for Microsoft is an integrated business networking platform and Saba Live accommodates a rich profile and includes skill locator performance feedback like Twitter, workplace analytics and social learning. Saba Live enables an excellent and engaged workforce where employees, partners and customers over an enterprise ecosystem can regularly connect and collaborate by web tools like discussion forums, wikis, blogs, activity feeds, Facebook, micro blogs and social bookmarks.

Saba gives a new class of interactive applications which combine enterprise learning, people management and collaboration technologies. These days’ enterprises are using Saba solutions to align and connect people around new strategies and programs, expand the flow of business, capture, cultivate and share individual and collective know how to stimulate creativity and effectively compete and succeed.

Saba has premier user base that includes big global organizations and industry’s leaders in financial services, high tech, life sciences, retail, automotive and manufacturing, packaged goods and energy and utilities and public sector organizations. Saba is a solution for both on premise and in the cloud, and is underpinned by global services. Saba’s actual results can differ materially from those expressed in any forward looking statements. Risks and unchallengeable Saba has faces that can cause results to differ materially include risks collaboration with Saba’s addiction on acceptance of Saba’s products by users and channel partners, length of Saba’s sales cycle, fluctuation in customer spending, addiction on new product introductions and enhancements, rapid technological change and potential software defects. You should also refer to the section entitled Risk Factors on pages 14 by 17 of Saba’s annual report on form 10k for the fiscal year ended on May 31, 2010 and similar disclosures in subsequent Saba periodic SEC reports.

Any reference to in future products features or functionality is planned to be for informational reasons only. It’s not an assurance to give any material, functionality, code and should not be relied upon in making buying decisions.