On Tuesday, a new series of significant change was introduced by Microsoft in the way Bing search engine displays search results or outcomes for entertainment related questions, which equals to around 7 percent of Bing searches.

Now search results for songs comprise links to full length song streaming for more than five millions songs available in the Zune catalog and Bing hosted lyric pages. Now users have the freedom to play any song all the way having successive plays edged to around 30 seconds previews.

There is a very interesting process of buying any song; users will have the access of direct link to Zune, iTunes and Amazon, of any song they want to purchase.

If you are going to search for any game, you will have detailed information results of more than 35,000 play games comprising chat and walk-through and reviews. Now Bing Users will have the freedom to play hundred of games associated with Microsoft as Microsoft is offering opportunity to Bing Users to search and play games from anywhere within Bing.

It seems that doing these changes, the main purpose of Microsoft is to agree with Appleā€™s disagreement that the web is very dangerous and too much disorganized for average user searching on net.

After the huge content of the Website shook the world, it is very difficult to find and navigate what you want to get, SVP-Yousuf Mahdi-of Bing said in a blog post. In the category of entertainment field, nearly 76 percent of the people take help of search to find latest available options online, but all of them are not successful only 10 percent say that they have better and trusted position to go.

Microsoft is running faster to prove itself more than Apple like gatekeeper to keep users busy in certain entertainment for web properties.

To make the search more interesting and more fun, Microsoft has held wide range of move information and TV show information in local show times, for immediate use and searchers have new experience. Moreover, it has many plans in coming weeks to present new detailed TV shows just according to the users requirements and tuned to service provides.

An in-depth report about everything was published by Information Week, if you want to know anything regarding migrating to Windows 7, you can download the report from there.

Internet search is increasing very fast and has reached to around 72 percent in comparison to last month, according to Experian Hitwise.

News Microsoft Sharpens Bing Entertainment Searches InformationWeek Bing of CBS is transforming very fast the way, it searches for videos and music are handled to make it more than the destination.

On Tuesday, a new and interesting series of important changes was introduced by Thomas Claburn in the way BSE (Bing Search Engine) offers searching outcomes. It seems that Microsoft is now fully equipped with more fun and interesting searches for its users worldwide and in near future the war of more users finding is also going to get intense.