With the preview release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft is trying to re-innovate the browser. There are many browser available and almost all of them prove to be faster, lighter, secure, and user friendly. Microsoft says that Internet Explorer 9 will break this image as it is going to be the fastest browser with the most advanced features. Microsoft in earlier versions tried to add features in the Browser which were already there in the Operating System but that resulted in a bulky application. Microsoft is promising that version 9 will very light in weight and will give the fastest loading and fastest browsing experience to the users.

Officially, the Internet Explorer Platform Preview is launched only for developers who want to test the new browser’s development and design capabilities including the new JavaScript engine – codename Chakra – as well as support for standards like HTML5, CSS3, SVG 1.1 and DOM. It’s not meant to be a mission critical browser application, but enthusiasts looking to test out something faster than what they are running now have the option to do so.

Early tests show that IE9 is indeed quite fast, even when compared up against the developer builds of Chrome 6 and Firefox 3.7. When it came down to it with HTML5 hardware acceleration, however, IE9 blew past Chrome 6 but failed in front of Firefox 3.7.

The main highlight of Internet Explorer 9 is its support for Hardware Acceleration, which lets it use the GPU to speed page loading and rendering of graphics effects, as well as HTML5 support, however only Windows users with IE9 will see this acceleration, everyone else will just default back to a presumably slower compatible mode, unless their operating system or browser takes a similar route to acceleration. Using the HTML5 canvas, video and audio tags, some smart results can be created. Microsoft says it demonstrates better performance of its Canvas 2D feature, which uses hardware acceleration to deliver better performance at high frame rates. Canvas creates a simplified way of defining a space for 2D visuals, so it will be fun for games and impressive animations, without need for Flash or other plug-ins. IE9 can turn web pages into something that looks like a desktop application with font smoothing and other effects among benefits for general users.

Further Microsoft has quoted that IE9 works through Windows, instead of just on Windows, and this makes a big difference. The web browser runs more like a native application. You can download and test the preview version from the following link – http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/

The browser wars still continue, even in the unreleased format. The good news for all of us is that we can use more than one browser at a time on our machines and this sort of competition will only help to improve our internet experiences.