Cloud computing is a concept that is coming up in the world of computers. One can imagine the future to be consisting of cloud computing technologies completely. Every major stakeholder in the world of Information Technology is coming up with serious plans with the cloud computing ventures. Microsoft is amongst the companies who are joining this interesting venture.

The officials from Microsoft gave a comprehensive statement about the partners that they are going to be working with this year. The company also came up with serious commitment to compete with international companies like Apple, Oracle and Google. Microsoft is said to be running on inspirations mainly and same is the reason to the joining of vendors from all around the industry in joint ventures with Microsoft.

The Technology Fronts

Microsoft is working in around 15 technologies to stay in the market and claims to be leading in two of them that are Mobile Computing and Browsers. With the recent increase in the browser share through Internet Explorer 8, the company is again at leading stance. They expect the IE 9 to be a better venture bringing more people to the platform. The beta version is expected next month.

Cloud Computing

The cloud computing venture from Microsoft promises to bring a whole lot of new ventures in the near future. They expect it to be a source to added revenues into their accounts. They expect to bring the Business Productivity Suite, Office Web Apps, Windows Azure and Dynamics CRM online. Due to all these applications and their availability online, COO terms Microsoft as the undisputed leader in the commercial cloud services. Microsoft is confident about leading the world of cloud computing with the products that it has been offering for quite some time now.

Microsoft has been offering some other services to the online world as well. There are packages that give people from around the corporate world with different opportunities about their respective jobs. These are more like value added services in the online world. ISVs can make user of Windows Azure and SQL Azure to develop applications as well making it a complete packaged suite.

Other Competition

The company plans to handle some of the other competitive stances from other companies in the arena and emphasized its partners to press hard on the paddle just to make sure that they are dealing good with the competition around them. Google is coming up in the arena of productivity applications but Microsoft certainly does not want to get productivity only but wishes to have customer oriented products.

Bing is coming up as an excellent move though and Microsoft is integrating Bing with a lot of interactive features just to enhance the search engine and make it better then the Google search engine. It is expected that Bing would gain over Google in some part of the future.

Microsoft is expecting a lot from the upcoming Windows Phone 7 compared to the flaws that the Apple iPhone has brought in recently. The officials term iPhone 4 as Appleā€™s Vista that needs to be held in a specific way to be used well.