In recent times, we have continuously witnessed great enhancements and improvements in the operating system technologies. Microsoft has always worked upon it immensely and has been launching new features in each of its releases. Windows has come up with a new idea related to computer booting. Microsoft is working to get this technology and approach patented so that no one else duplicates the same. This new technology is called as fast booting a device for specialized experience. Just think of a scenario where you wish to play a DVD and to do the same you have to wait for the entire Windows operating system to load so that you can play the DVD. What if your computer starts playing the DVD without even loading the Windows operating system? Or think of a situation when you wish to play some music from your computer without loading the whole Windows operating system. Now this can be done very easily and in just a few seconds because Microsoft is coming up with its new technology to support this idea.

This technology is all about identifying what user is trying to do when he starts his or her computer. For example if you insert a video disk or an audio disk in the drive while turning on the computer, Windows will come to know what you wish to do and will load a virtual operating system to let you view or listen to the DVD before even Windows could load. This will be possible by the direct experience concept of Microsoft which will load the player to view the DVD and will not load the basic operating system to boot completely. The patent which Microsoft is applying for defines a new booting process in which a virtual machine manager loads first and decides what kind of purpose the user is trying to solve. Then this virtual machine manager will load any of the four operating system modules. As of now the four operating systems modules are for playing audio, playing video, viewing TV and last one for general purpose usage. Each of these modules will define the hardware which it would require for operation and will load only that much of hardware and not all the devices and their drivers. It will also not launch the entire operating system as booting Windows and reaching to its operational state takes a couple of minutes. The basic operating system will be loaded only and when the user wishes for it.

It is being said that this feature will be available as a part of Direct Experience in Windows 8, however, it has not been officially announced by Microsoft. This experience is currently limited to just audio, video and TV, but Microsoft may add more modules to it for quickly loading a module with which you can start only the e-mail clients for viewing and sending e-mails without loading the entire operating system.