Patents are one of the most important yet ambiguous parts of software and technological innovations that are existent in the present. Different people are applying for patents so as to have the full and only right of using the said method or technique in the field of web functions and the like. The importance of the said patents were greatly seen in the latest sues filed by Microsoft and with each other.

Microsoft sued by under the violation on the intellectual property rights. The company is said to have used some of the Microsoft’s methods and software which are under the said in intellectual property of the Microsoft. But, with this, also filed a case against Microsoft on charges on patent issues and violations. The said case filed by was brought upon by the earlier case filed by Microsoft.

Issues filed a case against Microsoft in the US District Court of Delaware. According to the submitted complains made by, Microsoft has violated patent rules and agreements over some of the tools that have patent over. Some of the tools and products that have been used by the Microsoft illegally are Sharepoint collaboration software and .NET platform. These two products are said to be breach of the patents. These patents are said to be violated by Microsoft. By using these products, the gets to have the chance to sue Microsoft for this.

David Boies who is a famous lawyer for his role in the case of the US government antirust ruling against the company of the Microsoft and also the representation lawyer of Oracle against SAP, is part of the legal team of the to take judgment on the said case.’s CEO Marc Benioff called Microsoft patent thief and hooligans. The effects on the and Microsoft are both inflicting and heavy that both companies are feeling the burden of this case.


With the allegations made by against Microsoft, Microsoft seems to have a different version of the story. According to Microsoft, was actually the one who used nine of the patents that Microsoft has. breached the said patents and used these nine for their own good. And thus the case still continues.

With the Microsoft having to sue the earlier than the latter filed against Microsoft, some are saying that Microsoft is having the edge to win. But whichever wins, there is one thing that both companies wish to happen and that is to finally close the case and decide which company wins. With the continuous cases, expenses are also made from these. And thus portion of the supposed to be income of both companies are lessened.

There are other companies fighting for the patents of their companies. One of these cases is the case of Apple against HTC. There is also a case of twelve other companies who are fighting for the same thing- patent. Patents seem to be the source of technology-based company’s war and cases.