The release of a broad consumer survey recently announced by Microsoft Corp. which involved over 38,000 men and women in 20 countries across the world. Questions about Microsoft’s perception were raised regarding counterfeit software.  As a resultant, most people are at least somewhat aware of certain dangers facing network security.

Accordingly the survey it further indicates that the results has shown that most of them saw real danger in using counterfeit software. Consumers have also agreed that it is not very safe to use as genuine software. Their concern is about losing their data and ID theft with many favouring government and industry action against counterfeits.

Mr. David Finn, the associate general counsel for worldwide anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting at Microsoft has shown his concern by stating that consumers everywhere are coming with complaints about counterfeit software. Questions being asked about what can be done to protect themselves. The consumers are in search of facts and they also want the industry and government to stand up and take immediate actions. And Microsoft commitment is to do everything that can be done to help them.

The data which is released by Microsoft clearly indicates that 80% of consumers polled worldwide have concerns about the risks of using counterfeit software and 70 percent said they found genuine software more secure, more stable and much easier to keep up-to-date.

But with the presence of high-quality fakes in the market it prevents the identification of the originals from the fake ones. Almost 73% consumers included in the survey said that they would choose genuine software given the choice and also over two-thirds of them opined that everyone should be careful about counterfeits.

More than 300,000 consumers have offered details regarding fake software that has infected their computers with viruses and malware. Jodie Kelley, general counsel and vice president of Anti-Piracy, Business Software Alliance commented on this survey by focussing on the need for the software industry and government to educate consumers about counterfeit software.

Kelly also emphasised by showing her concern about the customer’s complaints and needs. The consumers know it’s harmful and is in fact hurting people everywhere. But the need is to have tools and the knowledge to keep themselves safe from those risks.

Microsoft has started focussing in helping the consumers via its educational resources besides launching new technologies that makes software counterfeiting more difficult. And at the same time also the government which is supporting for the desirous of enforcing laws against software counterfeits. And this can be made possible only when proper knowledge about network security concerns are properly spread through reliable sources.