With a huge change of innovation nowadays, many competitions have raised regarding new styles and programs regarding computer evolution. For the past years, computers are evolving and to a more stylish and more convenient manner.

And for this year, a new era of stylish computer has paved its way – the Tablet PC.

What is a Tablet PC?

A Tablet PC is a new batch of innovative computer where a touch of a laptop pc designed with a touch screen effect plus equipped with a stylus. It surpasses the computer era during the past years where almost all of them were on focus of appearance. But now, this is more than just the appearance itself, but the convenience of the one using it with a sense of style and elegance. It was described then by the Microsoft as a “pen enabled computer”.

Microsoft with the Tablet PC

During the Microsoft’s Worldwide Partners Conference in Seattle, Steve Ballmer – Microsoft CEO stated that the Company is a “hardcore” about making those windows 7 tablet computers. Even though the said conference was on focus of Microsoft’s new Cloud Service, Ballmer has opened up the topic in front of their company partners.

With an ending competitions regarding computer based technology, Microsoft would never failed us of giving much of an option by trying different things for their consumers.

Ballmer even quoted Bill Gates statement about the Tablet PC with an approach of a consumer centered service where not only works for your personal multimedia options, but also a Tablet PC who can manage your daily important activities and something you can use for your board meetings.

Although some company has their own of showing their focus on Tablet PC, where it focuses on the style and the upgrade of multimedia events, the attempt of the change in the Microsoft Company is somewhat a unique to the ones ahead.

Windows 7-Based Tablet PC 2010

In addition to Ballmer’s statement, he meant of something about the making of the window 7- based Tablet PC this year. So it has something to do with the new making of the Microsoft’s new version of iPad like those of the Apple. It would somehow surpass the Apple’s iPad with its Microsoft Operating system upgrade and with its approach to consumers. But of course, it depends on most of its users still.

This would mean a great competition ahead of them and more choice for their consumers. It would always on the consumers hands where you can truly suggest if the thing is much better than the other. But, it would always depend on the convenient part of the users, of course, that would truly matter. As long as you are paying on the right thing and useful enough on your daily activities and priorities in life, then go with that. It would never matter if it is the Microsoft or not, as long as you are comfortable. The thing is, consumer centered service are always on the win.