There were big expectations among customers when the first deal between Novell and Microsoft was struck in 2006, the deal offered complete guarantee of interoperability between SuSE Linux and Microsoft. Following the deal, there were some bitter experiences seen by each other, but determined to defend their own respective succeeded in every exam. But most of the folks and industry partners seem to have forgotten about everything. And now, again, Microsoft is again discussing about it and people should be aware of why.

This week, Redmond came out to trumpet about glorying success of the SuSe and said that since November of 2006 more than 500 valued customers are in the program. This is great as 500 customers is not a small amount. Actually, this is very less to get happy.

Since the beginning, we have been very big fans of interpretability that is why we appreciate that aspect of the deal but not the way Microsoft is dealing it. We are not interested in such big deal that of the patent saber rattling Microsoft has performed in history. Knowing that the company has always accomplished it but without involving into any kind of detail as to exactly knowing what patents Linux allegedly violates.

Some business analysts say that it is the interoperability and there is not need to get scared of a patent lawsuit that has drawn several customers who are interested to register for the Windows-SuSe pairing. Anyone including us can believe it but what we do not swallow is, a company like Microsoft having over uncountable partners and millions of customers is, advertising the contribution of only 500 companies over a span of over three years in the Novel deal.

If we see Microsoft’s standards, 500 customers do not seem to be bliss of success from anyone either by Microsoft or Novell. Some people are surprised to see and want to know if Microsoft wants to give the indication that it still has a patent gun for Linux head.

Some people expressed that Microsoft is talking about all this stuff just because of the announcement made by VMWare, which consists of a copy of SUSE. Maybe Microsoft is getting in full gear to throw the patent chains again to make a sound so that VMware can listen.

This is an important partnership in terms of believing each other but what Microsoft brought to the business table is only 500 customers. A Novell Platinum organization was made during the time deal was struck and a lot of traction was seen with clients wishing to influence a diverse approach. It is better if Microsoft purchase Novell Sell Group wise and increase the best of Novell in product class like Platespin and recognize the great role of manager into the product and take a quantum and forward leap in real role of management. The proprietary OS Net Ware is no where just like being dead and still Linux is operational and open, so you can say that this is anti-trust and many people agree it.