Microsoft TechNet is basically a collection of information that can help IT professionals to look into this complex world of information technology with the help of Microsoft® products and technologies. TechNet is a Microsoft® website for IT professionals. Microsoft® will provide you resources for staying on top in information technology. It will offer you resources in the form of CD-ROM, DVD or by inviting on local events.

You will receive information from Microsoft® TechNet, but for this you have to subscribe to it. If you want to subscribe to Microsoft TechNet, then you have to visit Microsoft® website. If you will subscribe to it for one year, then you will get all the information about how to evaluate performance, how to deploy and how to support all the Microsoft® business products. It will provide you information which is necessary for you while taking decisions about technology. The information which it will provide to you will help you in understanding how to deploy and support new systems on a daily basis. If you want to subscribe to TechNet, then you can do it by online, by phone call or by purchasing order form.

TechNet Membership

You have to become a member of TechNet for evaluating, deploying or supporting information technology. After becoming a member of it, you will receive information from Microsoft® that will provide you much help in taking smart decisions for your firm. You can save time, effort and money of your firm, if you take help from it. When you will become a member of TechNet, then you will get biweekly TechNet Flash e-mail newsletter from Microsoft® for free. Along with that you will receive, Technology information and updates, expert insights, access to essential content from the TechNet CD-ROM.

Microsoft TechNet CDs offers you a master index in it, from which you can easily locate information which is available on it. The topic on which the information is available on its CD or DVD includes the following. TechNet Home, products & Technologies, IT Tasks, IT Solutions, script center, security, downloads, how-to index, columns, troubleshooting & support, IT Community Training, career & events, subscriptions, using TechNet and archive. When you become a TechNet member, then you will have a TechNet member number of 5 to 10 digits. You can find this number on your TechNet membership card and on any TechNet monthly update mailing label.