Microsoft Outlook is an application that provides e-mailing facilities and the convenience of maintaining your schedules and meetings with the calendar tab, address book tab, appointments tab and reminders to provide you with the details that you can note down and use later. According to news reports, the Microsoft Outlook web application will soon arrive. The latest on the Outlook web app as per a communication from Microsoft is that it will be made available for handheld devices and mobiles too soon. Microsoft’s OWA, which is far from before present on several web browsers lacks a few special features. Microsoft’s rivals like Google and Yahoo! are now offering certain advanced features and services even on mobile devices. The web interface of Outlook web app shares a similar interface to the one in Microsoft Outlook. It is part of the Microsoft Exchange Server. Other than e-mail services as mentioned before, the Outlook web app offers contacts and tasks which can be maintained and accessed from Microsoft Outlook on the desktop.

The Office Web App is a client for both the desktop and mobile and slate devices. It has made a big difference in the lives of millions of users all over the world. A clue to Microsoft’s strategy to make its Office Web App more touch friendly, was found in the job posting of the company. Outlook web app provides a very robust web experience to access Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. With Outlook web app, many users get more ways for communicating from the web, including this new Outlook web app which contains instant messaging (IM) and SMS sync features, with changes that can be made to the conversation view, new types of communication, as well as presentation methods. New features like MailTips, delegate access, side-by-side calendars, and delivery reports are also available.

To help people manage meetings, schedules and tasks, the Outlook web app has been handled by alternate means. As for when the reworked version of the Outlook web app will be ready is not clear. It should not be surprising at all about Microsoft making its application web friendly as this has been done several times before in several of its product launches.

The student version of the Outlook web app has already been released in 2010. It is possible to now access your Outlook web app Student version of 2010 which takes care of connecting you to e-mail, calendar and contacts using a mobile device or smartphones. However, once you use your student account the contacts and e-mails from another account are deleted completely. Therefore it is advisable to take care of any previous account that you may need to bookmark and then set-up the student account.