A datacenter is like a facility which can be used to house computer systems and related components like storage operation, telecom, etc. In laymen’s language, it is facility to control every computer and electronic components through one single control system.

The rise of datacenter came during the period of dot-com bubble. Every company was in need of fast internet connectivity and uninterrupted functioning to make their presence on the internet.

Datacenter is a new way of IT infrastructure today. This technology is helping IT industry by providing cost effective and energy saving functioning and management.

Microsoft has always been the pioneer in IT industry in every aspect and they do not want to miss this chance to be in the evolution of datacenter technology.
We welcome you to the evolution of Microsoft’s datacenter evolution (which was previously called Generation 4 vision).
Microsoft runs some of the world’s biggest datacenters, so the company understands the need for efficiency in these massive ventures seriously. For Dublin datacenter, Microsoft has also been awarded by Data Center Dynamics for their contribution in the Mega Datacenter category.
Microsoft has also introduced Generation 4 Modular Data Center plan, which is going to be their 5 years intense project in researching and developing a cloud data center infrastructure.

Microsoft is in the process of major expansion of its internet infrastructure operations as it has a great competition with Google and other web based services. In this same process, company has announced a $500 million projects. Company has already finished with its setup in Dublin, Ireland and with a huge datacenter in Quincy, Washington. Now they are set open a new datacenter in Iowa by the spring 2011 and it is going to be a $100m facility.

The news has already brought sensation for the state natives and government officials, as it is supposed to provide new job opportunities and help to improve the state economy.
This facility will also encourage other big organization to come and provide a world class work environment.
Company is in the process of taking care for legality and government officials are supporting them whole heartedly as this is the golden chance for the state economy.
The Iowa Economic Development Board has already approved an award for Microsoft, as the company will bring tax benefits by providing High quality job program.

According to a recent financial analysis, this project will create approximately 25 jobs with an average payment and benefit of $31.04 per hour.
The project brings sensation and cheer for Iowans. It is a hope for young professional to get a world class job in their own state and for government to get the economical benefit.