Recently, Microsoftvdecided to re-launch Windows 7 family pack once again. The operating system pack consists of three copies of home premium edition of the operating system. It will be priced as $149.99 and you need to have proper version of XP or Vista installed on the computer. But the problem is again the number of copies. As Windows blogs said that “it will be available till the stock last”. The family pack will be available in US, UK, Canada and France; it will be available outside of these countries after 22 October. You also need Windows Live Essentials to run the Windows 7 family pack. It will not be available for XP. Most of the people are seeing it as the promotion tricks from Microsoft as more number of people will run Windows Live essentials if they install Windows 7.

Windows 7 has great features and it is better than previous versions of Windows. When launched, it became very popular but the number of units were limited. Because of that so many consumers left Windows 7 untouched. There are so many products which are integrated with Windows 7 and need to be promoted. So, Microsoft decided to launch Windows 7 again for customers. There may be one more reason for the launch; they are scheduled to launch Windows 7 phone this year so want to promote that also. They just want to keep the momentum on Windows 7 going and do not want to take a risk over Windows 7 phones.

There are other operating systems which are cheaper than Windows 7 like Mac OS which is available at a very reasonable rate of $49 but the Windows 7 family re-launch pack is for Windows users. Mac OS pack comes with five licenses and there is no need to activate it which makes it more convenient for users. To run a 64 bit Windows 7 you need 2 GB RAM, therefore it is necessary to avail 32 bit Windows 7 in the market. Windows users are looking forward to the re-launch of the Windows family pack as Windows 7 is very good for laptop and do not need hi-fi configurations.

Microsoft tries to follow Apple’s foot step because if you buy a Apple laptop you need Apple’s hardware to run the Mc OS. So it is obvious to make money from available resources, like Microsoft is doing.